Monday, January 16, 2012

O How I Miss You!!

So it turns out that even though I have a blogger app with me at all times, I still can't seem to blog. School starts up this week for our college which means last week was crazy busy plus I am still not feeling up to par. So by the time I got home last week I really didn't want to do anything except veg. Since I got my iPod Touch I have been watching more Netflix. I love that I can just lay down, plug my iPod into it's little speaker dock and watch whatever I want! During the week or so before my birthday I watched all of the Vampire Diaries again. I really do love that show! And now I have started watching Glee. :) I must say, I am really liking it! Maybe not the drama so much (however I think that is growing on me too) but I LOVE the music!! Once I'm done with Glee, I am going to move onto One Tree Hill and maybe a few others. My friend Jill likes those and I've never watched them, so I'll give them a try too and broaden my horizons! ;)

All that being said, I do miss blogging. I love that I can just come on here to express myself  and have a few people listen. I really am going to try and log on here more. Julie always has these fun link ups that I want to do and I am just going to do them!! :) Hopefully you will see more of me soon! My hubby and I do start class this week, which means my nights are going to be free but it also means that I'm taking the bus home. So we'll see how much energy I have by the end of the day. lol :)

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