Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge - Day 4

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Welcome to the Fourth day of 
Amber & Neely's Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge!! 
I will be blogging about one Holiday themed topic everyday for the next 2 weeks!! (11/28 -12/9)
If you want more information, or want to join the fun click HERE for more information.

Today's topic is: Favorite Holiday Movies/TV Specials

Well, I could say "Charlie Brown Christmas" but I think that is probably a lot of people's favorite shows at Christmas, so I'm going to go with the movie Prancer. For those of you who haven't seen it, the movie is about a little girl named Jessica who finds one of Santa's reindeer - you'll never guess which one ;) Of course, it's Prancer. :)

So first of all, I already relate to the character simply because she shares my name. But the Jessica in the movie is also a little girl who LOVES Christmas and could listen to Christmas music all year round. My mom used to say that the movies little girl Jessica reminded her a lot of me. 

I unfortunately don't own Prancer so I haven't actually watched this movie in years. But it is one of my favorites. My mom told me that she just bought Prancer recently so she's going to have to watch it for me this year. :)  

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  1. My Favorite all time is Mickey Mouse's A Christmas Carol. Scrooge McDuck lol...bah