Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ahhhhh Twilight!!! - No Spoilers I promise :)

Yes it is true, I am a "Twihard". I devoured the Twilight books when they came out, I swear there were a couple that I read in like 2 days. This coming from the person who is currently reading 4 books and just barely finished one after taking Ohhh...4 months to read it. LOL

Well, as I'm sure we all are aware, the first installment of the Breaking Dawn movie came out on Friday. And while I was at home in bed for the midnight showing I did have to go opening day! I went with my hubby and my friend Julie (who is also a Twihard - hope she doesn't mind being called that. lol)

Now since it's been so long since I've read the books, I don't remember every single little detail about what was wrong or different but there were some things that were. And I guess some of it was good because it added even MORE suspense to the movie - so I'm not really gunna knock it.

I think the most fun about going opening weekend is that the group of people in the theater are sooooo different than say if you went 2 weeks after opening. Everyone in the theater could definitely be classified as a Twihard so it makes everything more fun! :)

You get hear all the different reactions from people, the guys cheering for Alice, all the women gasping and cheering the first time Jacob took off his shirt. LOL And it's always fun to pick out the people who obviously haven't read the books and don't know what is coming in the last movie. LOL

Overall, I'd say the movie was really good. I was really leery about splitting the book into two movies but I think they pulled it off rather well. I can't wait to see the next one!!! Too bad I have to wait a whole YEAR!!!! Fail Twilight producers, Fail....

So, if you like Twilight - what "team" are you on Jacob or Edward? Or have you picked someone else? ;)


  1. It sure was a good movie. I didn't expect to have to look away during certain scenes though. Lol and nah I don't mind being called a Twihard. ;)

  2. Im for team Gumby personally.