Saturday, September 24, 2011


I can't believe I haven't blogged about Pinterest!! Pinterest is a website where you can go and view all of these wonderful pictures that are links to different things: recipes, ideas for the home/office/kids, recipes, craft ideas, DIY for just about everything, O and did I mention recipes?! LOL

You have to get an invite from a friend to join the site but after that all you do is add the "Pin It" link to your Bookmark bar and you are set. Whenever you find something online that you like and want to remember where it is, just click the "Pin It" link and link a picture or video to one of your boards. When you first start your account, Pinterest will give you some boards that are already set up but you can add or delete as many boards as you want. The boards are there as a way to organize all of your pins.

Every time you pin something, your pin is posted to a wall that anyone with a Pinterest account can see. The funnest part about Pinterest is following other people and seeing what they Pin. I find Most of my pins from looking through other people's pins and repinning it to one of my boards.

I usually end up on Pinterest the most on weekends. I really try not to log into Pinterest during the week, because when I go there I am there the rest of the day. One Pin, leads to another Pin, which leads to a website/blog, which leads to another website/blog...before I know it I've got 9 internet tabs open, most of which are Pinterest tabs. LOL

Here comes the confession, I currently have 42 Boards and over 1000 pins. I have boards related to all different things like food, I actually have several of those so that everything is organized, DYI clothing and accessories, craft ideas for both adults and kids, nail/hair/makeup art, quotes to live by and I even have some funny boards, a board that's full of things that remind me of my childhood and 1 board devoted completely to Harry Potter.

Since this is the first time I am telling you guys about Pinterest, I am going to post quite a few of my favorite pins here. I promise not to do one for each board, but there will be a few. I will post links underneath the pictures to the websites where most of these originated from.

2 Liter Drip Catcher - this one is for sale but it would be easy to make!
Chocolate Cola Cake
Feather Hair Accessory

Mouse Trap!! A memory from my childhood

YAY! I'm just addicted to the internet!
Slow-Baked Mac N Cheese

Newsprint Nails! I love this and it totally works!
 btw I am linking to a different detailed tutorial
I loved this idea that I found on Pinterest.
Get "Oh the Places You'll Go" Dr. Seuss book and have each teacher sign it through out your child's education then give it to your child at their high school graduation!
I found my Sock Bun curl idea on Pinterest! <3
I love, love, LOVE Sock Bun curls!

Loved this idea - I saved it for later ;)

Pinterest made me realize that my cats really need a Tardis!

I also found a recipe for homemade baby wipes

Those are just some of my favorite finds. Remember I do have over 1000 pins. lol I will be starting to share more of Pinteresting finds with you in the future. I will be starting Pinteresting Wednesdays. So be looking for those coming up starting this week! 

If anyone is interested in following me on Pinterest you can find my profile HERE. To join Pinterest you do have to get an invite from a friend. So be sure to let me know if you need one. I'd be more than happy to send an invite your way. :)

~ Jessy 


  1. The cake and Mac and Cheese... Sound Yum! So gonna make both of them!

  2. I haven't tried them yet so let me know how they turn out!! :)